Are you caring for someone?

Do you look after someone who is ill, frail, disabled or mentally ill?

Our Practice is interested in identifying carers, especially those people who may be caring without help or support

We know that carers are often ‘hidden’ looking after a family member or helping a friend or neighbour with day to day tasks and may not see themselves as a carer.

If you are a carer please let our Reception Team know. We can offer you an annual health check and referral to Sunderland Carers Association for support and advice.

Sunderland Carers Centre

Do you look after someone who has been diagnosed with dementia?

See Essence Service website for help and support.

Sunderland Carers Centre

Sunderland Carers Centre Newsletters

Non-urgent advice: A message from the CEO…

Welcome everyone to our second edition of the new look newsletter, what better way to share some of the excellent ways that the team have worked tirelessly to adapt working practices to ensure that we have been able to connect with as many families as possible throughout Sunderland.

As we cautiously move out of lockdown, we are working hard behind the scenes to plan safe accessible support, interactive groups and activities for the months ahead, keep an eye on our social media, website and future newsletters for regular updates.

Please remember that although our building currently remains closed, we continue to offer a wide and varied range of support, information advice and guidance services as well as some fun activities and opportunities to connect.

Further Information Leaflets

Young Carers Day (16 March 2021) – How can I support?

  • Yourself or your organisation can support young carers action day through a variety of ways. We are encouraging people to follow our social media (found below) which will communicate all key messages locally and nationally throughout the day. We ask where possible to like, share and support any relevant posts.
  • For organisations and schools who believe they can support Young Carers or have any queries about how best going forward they can work with us to protect the future for young carers then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
  • Young Carers Action Day is a day to recognise young carers and raise awareness. Support however is needed throughout the year and we would encourage organisations to work with us collaboratively to ensure Young Carers always receive the best support possible.

For further information please email us at: [email protected] to support us via social media: click on facebook or twitter

  • The Practice working with the Sunderland Carers Centre to see if we can identify more carers and offer support at our 2017 Flu Campaign/Service.
  • Sunderland Carers Centre Lottery, drawn monthly. Have you cake and eat it for £2 per month! (payable annually).

Award for Service to Carers (June 2016)

Dr Stephenson & Partners won an Award in June 2016 for their service to Carers.