The Practice is also involved with medical research in partnership with RCGP Research. We would value your co-operation with both of these, but we understand if you do not want to be involved.

Vaccine Against COVID-19

Finding a Vaccine Against COVID-19

NHS researchers in the UK are working together to help find a vaccine against COVID-19.

Many possible COVID-19 vaccines are being tested in the UK. Different vaccines may work better for different groups of people. It’s important we include people from all backgrounds and ages in our research. This gives researchers an understanding of how well each vaccine may work.

All COVID-19 vaccines being researched in the NHS have gone through strict safety testing, and have been approved by a number of processes. We use the same high standards to COVID research as we do to all NHS research.

We are still looking for volunteers for studies in the North East and North Cumbria to find a vaccine against COVID-19.

To sign up and for more information visit

Join the Principle Trial

Join the PRINCIPLE Trial from Home

COVID-19 has affected the lives of everybody within the UK and the rest of the world.

Finding safe and effective treatments has been the drive of researchers at the University of Oxford and right now, you have an opportunity to help.

PRINCIPLE is a national priority trial to find treatments for COVID-19. We are looking for volunteers aged 65 or over, OR aged between 50 and 64 with an underlying health condition.

To be eligible to take part, you must be unwell with Covid-19 symptoms, and have had them for less than 14 days. No face to face visits are needed.

Please help us fight COVID-19 by visiting our website


CPRD UK data driving real-world evidence

How We Use Patient Data

The importance of medical records to improve public health

Research is important to the NHS and benefits us all, whether we are fit and healthy or suffering from an illness or condition. Research helps our understanding of the causes, prevention and treatment of disease and to improve the health care we receive.

Whenever you visit your doctor or use an NHS service, your electronic health record is updated. This record contains important information about your health and wellbeing and describes the care that you have received, which is vital for medical research.

For more than 30 years, GP practices across the UK have contributed de-identified health information within patient records to CPRD for medical research such as:

  • Answering important questions about what causes illness and how to prevent and treat it
  • Monitoring the safety of vaccines and medicines
  • Understanding possible side effects of treatments in patients

CPRD is an official supporter of Understanding Patient Data, an initiative to support better conversations about the uses of health information. Its aim is to explain how and why data can be used for care and research, what’s allowed and what’s not, and how personal information is kept safe. The initiative works with patients, charities and healthcare professionals to champion responsible uses of data. The Understanding Patient Data website has more information about how and why data is vital for your individual care, and to improve health, care and services across the NHS.

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Climb Project

CLIMB Project

Patients that wish to participate need to tick our Practice Name so that the Research Team are aware.