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Northumbria Connected

How to Join?

It could not be easier, simply visit:

Register by clicking on the ‘join’ tab. One of our staff will then register you on the system so that you can receive alerts and information for your area.

What is ‘Northumbria Connected’?

  • Northumbria Connected is an easy way for you to send and receive messages from Northumbria Police
  • You decide on the updates you want to receive
  • A way for us to better understand your concerns directly.

Why Join?

  • Northumbria Connected allows you to share your priorities, concerns and views with us directly
  • You will receive information that you want to receive from us on those matters that affect you and your communities most
  • Northumbria Connected makes Northumbria Police more accessible to you
  • Northumbria Connected allows you to share your feedback with Northumbria Police on how you think we have tackled the problem
  • Northumbria Connected allows you to create groups with other people in your area with the same interests