Falls Prevention Programme 2022

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Strength and Balance Programme: March – September 2022

City wide delivery, as agreed by Ageing Well Board, to support residents to improve their strength and balance to reduce falls and social isolation.

Activities include:

  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • ‘Falling on your feet’ a contemporary high quality dance programme for people aged 65+. FOYF’s aim is to improve balance and coordination to help preven falls.
  • Active Families have been devising a new intervention with the aim of improving the physical and mental wellbeing of older people, with a particular emphasis on increasing levels of fitness, strength, and balance to reduce the risk of falls and further deterioration of their mental health
  • ‘Everyone Active’ is working in partnership with Parkinsons UK, Sunderland Parkinsons UK branch and NHS Parkinsons physiotherapists.
  • Some gently walking

….and much more. Download the schedule below and join in.