Sunderland Prepares Afghan Refugee Support

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SUNDERLAND is preparing to support Afghan refugees with accommodation and assistance.
Leader of Sunderland City Council, Councillor Graeme Miller said key partners across the city including Together for Children, social housing companies, and health groups have been meeting (Monday 23 August and today Tuesday 24 August) and looking at how the city would help the Afghan Refugee Programme.

Meetings with the city’s voluntary and community sector are also continuing. Councillor Miller said: “Sunderland is working to support the national resettlement programme.
“If Afghan refugees arrive in Sunderland they will be supported with accommodation and assistance. Obviously we are all saddened to see the tragic scenes in Afghanistan and it’s only right and correct that we look to where and how our city can offer support. We very much want to assist Afghans who are resettling in the United Kingdom.

“The first and most important aspect of this is accommodation and the City Council is working with the city’s social registered landlords on what housing could be available.
“As well as housing we are working with Government to understand the terms of new funding arrangements to support response efforts and also what help we can supply through our strong voluntary and charity community.
“Our voluntary and charity community has already shown its resilience in the last 18 months and we know it will do this again if it comes to helping Afghan refugees. The City Council along with all its key local partners will again be working in partnership on this humanitarian crisis.

“Sunderland, as we know, has a big heart and our city will show and demonstrate its friendliness, neighbourliness and warmth to Afghan refugees.”
Sunderland is awaiting further information on possible numbers in the resettlement programme.
The council has received enquiries about help and assistance, and to help coordinate responses please contact: [email protected]